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P.S.L. - Week 22 - Let Go, It's Dead

From my previous posts I spoke about a plant that was given to me. It was given to me because I gave an offering message about two types of people in the world - those who can take care of plants and those who don't. I was in the category of the "don't". No matter what I did, somehow the plant tended to die. Well, this plant was given to me and despite all of my efforts, it died. I tried talking to it, I watered it (maybe too much), but it was not enough. I wanted to hang on in hopes that new life will begin,'s gone.

Sometimes in our lives we tend to hold onto things that are dead. We continue to nurture it, water it, talk to it, but it's still dead. We try to speak life into existence but its still dead. We pray and ask God to revive it, but He doesn't. Why? Why do we like to hold onto dead things? We like it because once it brought us pleasure. However now, it doesn't. This is just like sin. We used to live in it, love it, nurture it, and so on. But then we became a believer in Christ and He tells us we need to crucify the flesh and its desires. But just like that plant, we want to hold onto it. Sometimes we may bury it, but then bring it out of the ground in hopes to revive it. It won't work! We need to let go of those things that are dead. We need to bury it or throw it out and let God do a new thing in us. Sometimes the "dead" things are relationships. We need to also let those go because there's a reason why that person is not around. We just need to let them go and allow God to bring new relationships in our paths.

Today, this week, month, and year, let us take an inventory of our lives to see what's dead. Let us let go of it, bury it, say goodbye to it, and let God bring something or someone new in our lives. Have a blessed week!

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