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P.S.L. - Week 115 - Fruit Slices 1 - 3

This is a repost from September 2022. This is something we need to hear and live by daily. I pray this ministers to your heart. Enjoy!

You're probably wondering what fruit slices mean. First, we probably all have eaten an orange. The orange has an outer layer in which we peel and then there's the slices in which we pull apart and partake. Those slices are not the orange itself, but part of the one orange. It's great when we get an orange and all of the slices are to our liking. Then there are some parts of the orange that may be rotten or not to our liking. The goal is that we want to taste a good orange.

As believers in Christ, we also have a Fruit. That Fruit comes from the Holy Spirit. This Fruit that we have has nine slices. Each slice is not a fruit but part of the fruit. Our goal is to have all of the slices taste good so others can partake of it. The first slice is love. How is this slice in our lives? Do we exhibit the love of Christ in our lives? Can others feel Christ's love in us? Can we love those who doesn't necessarily love us? Do we just love those who loves us? Hopefully this slice has developed or is continually maturing in us. The second slice is joy or gladness. Do we exhibit joy in our lives? Do we exhibit joy when things aren't going the way we want it to? Joy is not dependent on the circumstances but the fact we can overcome the circumstances through Christ. Can others see the joy in our lives especially when things are going crazy? Hopefully, this slice of our fruit is continually developing and not rotten. The third slice of the fruit is peace. Do we exhibit peace when everything around us is upside down? Do we exhibit peace when others who are not believers are worried about what's going on in the world? Do we trust in the Prince of Peace when things are good and bad? Can others see our peace and desire to partake of it? Hopefully, this slice is continually maturing.

As we all know, we as believers and living in this natural world, we will experience difficulties just as those who are not believers. The only difference is how we handle it. We have an upper hand because we have the Holy Spirit residing in us to mature the fruit He has placed in us. So this week, let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us develop these three slices in our lives - love, joy and peace. Just know when we do, we will probably encounter situations that will develop them so look out. Have a blessed week!

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