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P.S.L. - Week 116 - Fruit Slices 4 - 6

This is a repost from September 2022. Sometimes we need a reminder of what we need to act like. These slices should be in us and working themselves out of us. May this be a reminder to us this week. Enjoy!

Last week we began to talk about the slices of fruit that makes up the Fruit of the Spirit. We talked about love, joy, and peace. Hopefully during this past week, we were able to develop those slices in our lives. It may have been or still is a challenge but thank God for His patience towards us. This week we will tackle the next three slices.

The forth slice is patience. This slice may be rotten in most of our lives. It's hard to have patience with some people, ourselves, and even with God. We live in a "want it now" world and it's just hard to wait. We all know that we need to develop this slice however in order to develop it, we have to be in situations in which we have to wait. Hopefully, we can begin to develop or continue developing this slice so that others can see our patience. The fifth slice is kindness. Are we kind to all people or just to those who are like us? Are we kind to a person when everyone else is talking evil against them? When we see someone hurting or in need, do we help or walk away? Hopefully, we can continue to develop this slice so that others can see our kindness especially to those who don't deserve it. The sixth slice is goodness. This slice everyone seem to feel they have developed. People know how to be good. But can we be good to those who are against us? Can we show goodness to those who doesn't look or think like us? Or do we ignore them and maintain or prejudices?

These three slices can be difficult to develop. There may be times we don't want to develop them and maintain our way of doing things. However, in order to grow in Christ, we must allow the Holy Spirit to develop and mature our slices so we can become more like Christ. We must remember the ultimate goal is to have others partake of our fruit so they may want to know Christ. This week, let us ask the Holy Spirit to continue to mature these slices in our lives so we can become more like Him. Have a blessed week!

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