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P.S.L. - Week 114 - What Kind of Server are You?

This is a repost from September 2022. Prayerfully over the years, we have become a better server to the Lord. Let this blog remind us of what kind of server the Lord desires. Have a blessed week!

I'm sure most of us have gone to restaurants for a meal. When we got there, we got seated which may or may not have taken a long time; and given a menu to look over. When we got settled, a server came to ask us what we would like to drink and what we would like to order for our meal. We then proceeded to tell them what we wanted, they wrote it down (or some memorized it), and then went away to complete the order. When we received our order, hopefully it was to our liking and if not, we sent it back and ordered something else. A good server would always come back to check if everything was to our liking. They may automatically refill our water or drinks (if there was free refills). And if something was not to our liking, they would apologize and correct it. Then there are the not so good servers. They may take a while to get to our table and then take our order. Then they disappear for a while and finally brings us our food. Then they may continue to disappear, never to check up on us again until the end. They may occasionally check on us but you sense that they really don't want to be there. At the end, most of us would leave a tip. If the server was good, we would most likely leave the 20%, if not it may go down to 15% - 18%.

So what does this have to do with serving God? Well, let us look as the restaurant is our hearts. Jesus comes in as a Patron. Sometimes He's quickly seated and other times we may let Him wait to get into our hearts. Once He's seated, do we take His order quickly or do we let Him sit and wait for us to ask Him what He wants? When He does tell us, do we bring what He wants with joy or do we wait and wait hoping that He forgot? When Jesus asks us to obey Him in a certain area, do we go and do it, bring it to Him and ask Him if it was to His liking? Or do we go and do other things and bring Him what He asks for not fully cooked? Are we constantly checking in on Him to find out if everything we are doing is to His liking or are we waiting for Him to leave hoping He forgot what He asked of us? At the end, we will all receive our "tip" from Jesus. Some may receive many crowns and others not too many.

What kind of server are you to Jesus? Do you readily serve Him and make sure that He's pleased with what you are doing? Or do you serve Him, but do things your way and don't check up with Him to see if He's satisfied? Prayerfully, we all we become good servers to Jesus and receive many crowns or a big "tip" from Him at the end. Have a blessed week!

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