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P.S.L. -Week 91 - Is Your Vision Clear?

Updated: Jan 6

This is a repost from March 2022. Although I had the surgery, the vision in my right eye is still not "normal". I even had cataract surgery which improved my vision, however my right eye is still not 20/20. Despite that, with both eyes together, I can see 20/20. That's what's important. Enjoy!

Vision. There's many ways to look at it. We can talk about where we see ourselves and/or our visual sight. Although there are two different things, they are somewhat connected. As you know, I had to have eye surgery because I had a hole in my macula. This hole caused my vision to be very distorted. My vision was distorted for maybe a year, but just recently it got so bad that I couldn't see any letters. It was at that time surgery was needed. During the time of my distorted vision, I was still able to function. I was still able to "see" where I was going without tripping. I was still able to drive (however I was getting more concerned driving at night). However, as time went on, my balance and my ability to read or see the computer were getting affected. It was time to do something about it. Let us look at this spiritually. Before we had a relationship with Jesus, our vision was VERY distorted (1 Corinthians 13:12). We thought we were seeing clearly but in reality we were unbalanced and bumping into things that hurt us (sin, temptation, etc). At some point, we ended up somewhere and realized that we couldn't "see". It was then that we went to Dr. Jesus Who explained that our "vision" was bad and was in need of surgery. The surgery needed was His sacrificial life on the cross. The surgery part was the "easy" part, we just lay there and let the Doctor do his part. The same with Jesus, we have nothing to do with salvation. The part that is a challenge and what can be uncomfortable is the recovery. However in order to get the best results, we need to follow the Doctor's orders. The same it is spiritually. We need to follow the Word of God to grow and get good results. How's your vision? How do you see things? Is it distorted and cloudy? Is it clear? Or is it a mixture of the two depending on the situation? However way our vision is will affect our "vision" of ourselves in the future. So let us make sure our vision is clear! Have a blessed week!

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