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P.S.L. - Week 68 - Mother

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother's Day. This is a day in which the entire country honors the person who gave them birth or who has mothered them. Of course, everyday should be Mother's Day, but it's nice to have a day to just honor them. I ran across an article which describes 21 Characteristics of a good mom.

The 21 characteristics are: patient, consistent, forgiving, calm, organized, loving, friendly, fierce, knowledgeable, brave, healthy, good sense of humor, hard working, fun, available, positive, nurturing, good role model, welcoming, imperfect, and secure. A mom may not feel that they have all of these characteristics. However to their children, they may have them. There is a PERSON who has ALL these characteristics except for one.

God is patient with us. When we do wrong, He's there waiting for us to make it right. God is consistent - He never changes. He's forgiving - because of the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross. God is calm - He never gets rattled by any situation we face. He is organized - He already knows the end from the beginning. God is loving and friendly - He's a Friend that sticks closer than anyone else. He's fierce - He defends us against the enemy. He's knowledgeable - He knows everything because He created everything. He's brave - He controls everything so He doesn't fear anything. God is healthy - all healing is in Him. He has a good sense of humor - those who knows Him can understand this. God is hard working - He works for our good. He's fun and available - He's there when we need Him and He always give us joy. God is positive, nurturing, and a good role model - He knows what's right and loves us and cares for us. He is welcoming - He welcomes all that comes to Him. God is NOT imperfect as He is the Only Perfect Person. And God is secure - He never changes so we can find our security in Him.

God embodies the characteristics of a Mother, however, He is our Father. He embodies both Mother and Father. God so loved us that He gave us both mother and father to help us in this world. We need to cherish both. Today and everyday, let's honor our natural mothers and honor God who embodies a mother's characteristics. Have a blessed week!

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