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P.S.L. - Week 66 - Pool of Bethesda

There's a story in the Bible in which a paralyzed man was waiting by the Pool of Bethesda in order to be healed. This story is located in John 5:1-15. This Pool would at times bubble up in which the people felt that an angel stirred up the water. When the water was stirred, they believed that the first person in the water would be healed. This man waited thirty eight years by this pool and never was able to get to it first. I'm sure in his past, he tried everything in order to be healed and his last resort was this pool. However his last resort didn't work. I'm sure he felt that all hope was gone. Then steps in Jesus. He asks the man if he wanted to be healed. Instead of answering the question, he answered that he had no one to bring him into the pool. That wasn't what Jesus asked. He asked if he wanted to be healed. Eventually he said "yes" and he was then healed.

What is our Pool of Bethesda? What or who do we have our hope in? What or who we have been waiting on for years to help and haven't received it yet? Is our Pool of Bethesda our family, money, job, spouse, etc? Do we rely on others instead of going to the Person who can truly help us? When we need help, do we rely on ourselves, others, or do we rely on God? No matter what we are going through, Jesus is the ONLY One who can help us. No matter if it's a sickness, He can heal us. If it's financial debt, He can provide for us. If it's not having a home, He can shelter us. You may say, "I've been sick for so long and God hasn't healed me yet". I have asked the same question. Jesus comes back and says, "My grace is sufficient and you WILL be healed - it's just a matter of time".

Are you going through something that seems like an eternity? Don't just lay at your Pool of Bethesda, but turn to Jesus and He will see you through. Have a blessed week!

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