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P.S.L. - Week 59 - Spiritual Vertigo

Have anyone ever experienced vertigo? If you haven't, you should be grateful. If you have, you wished you haven't. Those who don't know what it is, when you stand, walk, or lie down, you feel the room is spinning. When you walk, you feel like you're shaking and also tend to bump into things. It's a terrible feeling. Despite that, there's varying degrees of it. Some people when they have vertigo, may have nausea or even can't get out of bed. Well, I experienced vertigo this past weekend. I tend to get this about twice a year. When I begin to feel that it's coming on, I start on Meclizine (Dramamine) and begin to do the exercises the Doctor told me in order to get the crystals back into my inner ear. When I start early, then the vertigo doesn't last as long. Another technique I use is to focus on an object when walking so that I can walk without bumping into things.

Sometimes, we can get vertigo in our spiritual lives. You may ask how is that? One day, we may be living our lives in righteousness and then something happens that gets us unfocused. Trials begin to happen, temptations come, situations arises that we have no control over. The next thing we realize is that our lives are spinning. When our lives start to spin, we have limited control of how we walk or even stand. We feel that we will fall at any moment. When "spiritual vertigo" begins to happen, do we wait until it get worse and end up paralyzed? Or when we see it beginning, do we take the necessary steps so that it doesn't last too long? The medicine for "spiritual vertigo" is to take the "medicine" of the Word of God in regards to the area that's causing us to "spin out of control". The next thing we need to do is to "exercise", which is doing what the Word says about that situation. Lastly, when we begin to walk, we need to maintain our focus on Jesus and not be distracted by other things. By doing that, we will be able to stand and walk without falling or bumping into things. To prevent "spiritual vertigo" in the first place, we should always take our medicine of the Word of God, walk according to it, and keep our eyes focused on Jesus. So, when trials, temptations, or situations arise, we will stand surefooted and balanced because we have Jesus.

Today, if you're feeling like you're having "spiritual vertigo", take the medicine of the Word, exercise by walking according to it, and keep your focus on Jesus. If you do this, the amount of time this "spiritual vertigo" will last will not be long. Have a blessed week!

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