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P.S.L - Week 52 - Can Jesus Trust You?

As I'm writing this blog, I realize that it has been about a year since I started. So first I want to thank God for giving me the strength and the ideas in which to write in the blog. Initially, I wasn't sure about "blogging", but I took a step of faith and began. I'm not sure how many or if anyone reads my blog. But, I know that God does and that's what's important. I want to make sure that God is pleased.

Back to the blog. I've been looking at an app called The Chosen. If anyone doesn't know about it, it's a FREE app which is a series on the life of Jesus and His disciples. Of course they take creative license as none of us were actually there. What The Chosen does is bring to light the human side of Jesus and the struggles the disciples goes through. It also gives possible back stories of most of the events that happen such as; the cripple at the Pool of Bethesda, the woman with the issue of blood, the woman at the well, and so on.

Well, there was an scene in season three episode two which had me balling. It was a scene with Jesus and Little James. Little James had a limp (according to Google, James the Lesser did have some sort of paralytic condition) and asked Jesus how come He hasn't healed him since He was healing everyone else. The response Jesus gave was, "Because I trust you". Not everyone can still have faith in God even when they have an infirmity. I remember when I was diagnosed with Lupus and I prayed and prayed for God to heal me. I began feeling bad because people were saying that I didn't have enough faith. Then the Lord spoke to me and said it's not about faith, it's that when I am weak, His strength is made perfect. So that one line that Jesus spoke in The Chosen resonated with what He has already shown me. I know that His strength is made perfect in me, but what this show showed me is that He can trust me with this infirmity knowing that I will still be faithful to Him despite it.

Can Jesus say the same to you? Can He say that He trust you? Is there something you have been praying for God to remove and He hasn't? Maybe that "thing" is something that He can trust you with. Maybe He knows that despite that "thing", you will still give Him praise and glorify Him. So, continue glorifying Him despite it so you can show God that you can indeed be trusted. Have a blessed week!

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