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P.S.L. - Week 19 - Any Increase?

The goal of planting a seed or nourishing a plant is to see the growth and the byproduct. If we plant a tomato seed, we would like to see some tomatoes. If we have a plant, we would like to see more green leaves and growth. The way to see the increase is by watering and nourishing the seed or plant. Sometimes we may not give enough water or too much water and it could stump its growth or even kill it. We just have to do our part and let the seed or plant do theirs. We just continue, watch, and pray.

This is the same with the seed of the Word of God. We may be the ones who planted the seed in someone's heart. We don't know the type of ground that person's heart is. The job we had was to plant it. Someone comes along and continues to water it and hopefully not under or over do it. The increase is left up to God. God will take the seed that was planted and allow circumstances come that may fertilize it more. Eventually that seed will spring up and grow into something beautiful.

As for us believers, we must be patient and let God do the increase. We just need to be available to plant and water the seed. We can't force the process because if we do, it will definitely kill it. Let us work on just doing what we need to do and let God handle it. Let us take our hands off the person and let God deal with them. By letting God deal with them does not mean we do nothing. We must actively participate. This week, let us plant and water the seed of God's Word in someone's heart. Have a blessed week!

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