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P.S.L. - Week 17 - What Kind of Seed are You Sowing?

Those who farm, garden, or don't, know that if you plant one kind of seed you will yield the fruit or vegetable that was sowed. No one expects to sow a tomato seed and expect to get a cucumber. Although most people know this, it takes skill to actually sow a seed. You may say, "You just have to put it in some soil", which is true. But what kind of soil? What do a person have to do with the soil in order for the seed to germinate and grow? Those are the questions those of us who knows nothing about farming or gardening need answers to.

I'm in the category of knowing nothing, nada about plants. I was recently given a plant (poor plant) because I had ministered in church during the offering that there are two types of people in the world - those who can garden and those who can't. So, the Pastor decided to give me a plant in hopes that I will learn to take care of it and not kill it. Well. that's another blog topic (next week). Getting back to planting seeds. Jesus gave a parable about sowing seeds (Luke 8: 5 - 15). Depending on the type of ground the seed fell on was dependent on how it grew and how much it yielded. The goal of course is to sow seed on good ground. Good ground is where the seed can go in, germinate and grow. The question is what type of seed are we sowing?

Are we sowing jealousy and expecting the person to love us? Are we sowing lies, and expecting the other person to tell us the truth? Are we sowing laziness and expecting to get promoted? Are we sowing love and expecting love in return? Are we sowing the Word of God and expecting the person to automatically give their hearts to the Lord? No matter what type of seed we are sowing, something will grow. If we sow the Word of God towards someone whose heart is rocky or thorny, we may or may not receive the response we want. Despite the person's heart, we need to continue to sow and break up that fallow ground so it will eventually become good ground and they receive the love of Christ.

This week, let us be aware of what type of seed we are sowing into people's lives. Let us continue to sow the Word of God by living according to His Word in front of them and even by speaking to them. Be a sower! Have a blessed week!

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