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P.S.L. - Week 97 - Tomorrow?

Updated: Jan 6

This is a repost from April 2022. I must say I haven't followed my mantra of saying, If the Lord wills, I'll do or see you such and such date. This post was a reminder to me that I need to do just that, consistently. How about you? Enjoy!

A lot of times, we make plans for tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. How do we know if we will be there or not? We don't. We just assume that we will be here or there. But how many of us know that life happens, things come up out of our control, and the things we plan doesn't happen. We all say, "I'll see you tomorrow" or "I'll do that tomorrow" but something happens and we can't see that person or do that thing.

Well, that happened to me this week and it taught me a lesson. Monday and Tuesday at work, I told patients and co-workers that I will see them or help them finished something on Wednesday. Well, at 3:30 AM that Wednesday morning, there was a leak coming from the upstairs condo apartment. The tenant was at work and the water was just dripping. The tenant didn't come home until about 7:30. I contacted the owner and finally the water was shut off. By this time, I obviously couldn't go to work. Therefore I was unable to see the patients or help my co-worker with something.

This incident, although was small, taught me something. It taught me that I have to say, "If God wills I will do such and such thing". James 4:14 and 15 should be my mantra. It says in general that we don't know what tomorrow brings so we should say if the Lord wills we will do such and such thing. This is what I will start doing. I know this in my mind, but I haven't been practicing it. This week I will begin to start saying, "If God wills, I will see you tomorrow or do this tomorrow". Hopefully this week, you will do the same thing. Have a blessed week!

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