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P.S.L. - Week 96 -Keep It Covered

Updated: Jan 6

This is a repost from April 2022. Although it's not Resurrection Day, Christ is still risen. This post still resonates as we are constantly bombarded with things in the natural or physical realm that goes against the spiritual. This post discusses what we must do in this situation. Enjoy!

I pray everyone had a great Resurrection Day. Jesus Christ has risen! He is Risen indeed! Because He has risen, He has given us new life. But we have a choice. We can choose to walk with Him or walk our ways.

Going back to my eye surgery, things are getting better. The 'bubble' is decreasing, the hole is closed, however my vision is not back. In my eye, the upper part I can see although blotchy and the bottom part is the bubble. When I try to look out of both eyes, my surgical eye is not focused and is looking out to the side. In other words, it's not in sync. In order for me to focus on tasks that requires safety, I need to cover the eye so my 'good' eye can see correctly. When we come to the Lord, we live in two realms or two 'eyes' - the spiritual and the physical. The realm or 'eye' we need to see everything through is the spiritual realm or our 'good' eye. That eye should be focused on the things of God and trying to live the life Jesus wants us to. The physical realm or our 'operated' eye, sees things distorted and can't focus correctly on the things of God. It's the realm that the Holy Spirit is constantly working on or performing operations. That 'eye' wants to do or see things the way it wants. We need to in effect 'cover' it up so we can focus on the things of God. We may have things or situations in our lives that may cause us to not focus on God and His Word. It may lead us to do thing against God and therefore our view of God is distorted. When those things happen, we need to 'cover up' that issue and let the spiritual realm take over. This week, let us focus on making our spiritual vision stronger by focusing on the Word and living it. Have a blessed week!

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