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P.S.L. - Week 95 - Are You a Donkey to Christ?

Updated: Jan 6

This is a post from April 2022 during Palm Sunday. I know this week isn't Palm Sunday, but this message still rings true no matter what day or week it is. Enjoy!

Yesterday during our church service, the message was very thought provoking. So much that I wanted to share it with you. You're probably wondering what does a donkey has to do with Christ? We know that during the day we call Palm Sunday, Jesus came riding to Jerusalem on a donkey or a foal of a donkey (a baby donkey). Let's look at the donkey in this event. The Scriptures used were: Luke 19:28 - 40 and Matthew 21:1 - 5. First he, the donkey, needed to be detached or set free from what he was tied to. What are we tied to? Are we tied to money, people, the past, emotions, sin? When people ask why are we detaching ourselves, we can say the Master has use of us. Second, we need to decrease. In this event, we know nothing about this donkey. We don't know its color, how it looks - nothing. All the attention was on Christ. We need to decrease and let Christ increase in us. And if there's any praise, make sure it goes to Christ and not us. Third, with Jesus riding the donkey, it declared that He was the King as Scripture said that He will be riding on a donkey. Riding the donkey showed the humility of Christ and the fact that He was coming in peace. When Jesus returns the second time, He will be riding on a horse which represents conquering, declaring war, and reigning. In our lives, are we declaring the Lordship of Christ? Fourth, the donkey had difficulty. This donkey was a baby donkey and had never been ridden before let alone by an adult. He had to deal with the weight of Jesus and also with walking on the rocks on the road in Jerusalem (He was probably happy that clothes were thrown on the ground). We will at times have difficulties such as pain, hurts, trials, etc. But we need to let Jesus "ride" us and endure. Lastly, the donkey was paired up on this journey. Jesus is not asking us to walk this Christian life alone. He has given us the Holy Spirit Who resides in us to help us during this walk. So the question remains, are you or I a donkey for Christ? He has need of us so are we willing to be used by Him? As we go through this week in preparation to Resurrection Sunday, let us give ourselves totally over to Him. Let us "kill" off those things that hinders us. So on Resurrection Sunday, we can be renewed. Have a blessed week.

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