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P.S.L. - Week 92 - Face Down

Updated: Jan 6

This is a repost from March 2022. Enjoy!

As you are aware, I had eye surgery in which part of the recovery I had to be "face down" for a period of time. During this time I had to hold my face down for forty-five minutes out of every hour. I even had to sleep either on my stomach or my side with my face down. During those forty-five minutes of awake time, I couldn't look up even when walking or talking to others. I spent those forty-five minutes reading and doing things on my phone/tablet. I couldn't do things on the computer or look at television. However during those fifteen minutes of "free" time, I took advantage of it by eating, taking a shower and maybe doing something quick on the computer (some things required it to be done on desktop). It was challenging! My neck and back became somewhat sore and it was just tiring. Despite how I felt, I obeyed the directives. Eventually after six days, I was "free". While going through this period, I can relate this spiritually in our lives. There are times when the Lord wants to do "surgery" in our lives. He may want to remove some habits that aren't for our good. In order for us to get the benefits of the "surgery", we may have to be "face down". We may have to be in positions that are not comfortable for us. We have to keep ourselves "bowed down" in order for us to get the best results. What is "bowing down" in the spiritual realm? When it comes to God, bowing down is a form of worship. That's when we prostrate ourselves and submit ourselves to His Word, His plan, His everything for our lives. If you have read my first book, "What is Praise and Worship", you would have study some of the Hebrew and Greek words that mean worship. Both the Hebrew and Greek words mean to prostrate, do reverence, to adore, to obey, and to serve. The question for us is are we "bowing down" or being in a "face down" position in our relationship with God? Are we obeying Him with our lives? Is our flesh "uncomfortable" in the position of "bowing down" to God? After we come through the "surgery" and the "recovery" phase and we are now "free", do we go back to the way things were? Or have we developed a new way of seeing things? This week, although we may not be "face down", let us live our lives in a "bowed" position by humbling ourselves before God, worshiping Him, and obeying Him. If you would like to further delve into the Hebrew and Greek words that mean Praise and Worship, feel free to order my book on this website (since you are already here :-)). Have a blessed week.

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