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P.S.L - Week 9 - The God Who Remembers

This week I'm taking a break in regards to things regarding my recent surgery. I would like to talk about the faithfulness of God. Something happened on Friday (March 25th) that showed me God's faithfulness and His love for me.

It started BEFORE Christmas. I had received a standing jewelry cabinet as a Christmas present. As I was putting it together, it had clear plastic washers that were to assist with keeping it together. I had the two washers and as I was about to put the last one on, it fell on the floor IN MY ROOM. I was looking for that washer and looking for it but I couldn't find it. I decided to put it together without the washer although the connection wasn't too tight. In the meantime, I started to discard all the excess paper and packing materials that came in the box in the OUTSIDE trash bin. After taking it out to the bin, I again began looking for that clear plastic washer.

After about a day of looking, I decided to pray about finding it. I even had the people in the Wednesday night prayer meeting pray about it. I know it was something trivial, but nothing is too big or small to God. Well, I still couldn't find it. I thought maybe it went underneath the bed. So when I got a new bedroom set, I thought I would be able to find it. But no, it wasn't there. Then I thought maybe I accidentally through it out with the packing material. Normally, I would have just went to the store and buy a new one. But I wanted to trust that God will show me where it was.

Fast forward to March 25th, over three months later, I sort of forgot about it but not really. I was cleaning my tub and I saw something unusual. IT WAS THE WASHER! How in the world did it end up in my tub? I have cleaned that tub every week and did not see it there. Then I thought what was different about cleaning the tub. I remembered that I had cleaned the kitchen trash bins. Maybe the washer was somehow in there. However, I dropped it in MY BEDROOM and never took any of the paper or packaging materials to MY KITCHEN. THERE WAS NO NATURAL WAY FOR THAT WASHER TO BE IN THE KITCHEN OR IN MY TUB. I can only say that God had placed it there.

Finding that washer showed me that although I may have forgotten, God didn't. It also showed me that although it was a small request, it was still important to Him to answer it. God is faithful! If you have a need, no matter the size, go to God. He cares about the small and the big needs. Sometimes we don't go to Him for the small things because we may feel it wouldn't be important to Him. You know, He has bigger things to handle. But, the fact that He answers the small things truly shows how much He cares about us. Have a blessed week!

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