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P.S.L. - Week 85 - When the Rain Comes

Updated: Jan 6

As I'm sitting here thinking of what to write for my blog, I decided to go back to the beginning of my writings. This blog was fitting as today is raining. Enjoy!

This week I will like to talk about when the rain comes. When I was doing my morning devotions, I have been in the book of Hebrews. I came across these two verses which stuck out to me. The verses are Hebrews 6:7 and 8. These two verses speak about when the rain comes, what does your soil produce? Does it produce vegetation or thorns?

We all experience some type of rain. We have the natural rain and we have the "spiritual" rain that comes on our lives. No matter what the rain is, we need to give God praise. What was my rain this week? And, what did my soil produce? Well the rain has begun in previous weeks but the answer has manifested this week. I would like to share three situations in which I had considered them to be rain and I believe produced vegetation.

The first area of rain was my website. I had went to update it because I came out with a new book, "Self Reflections". I went to try to edit it to include the book, but I messed up royally. I didn't know what I was doing. Then it came up, "Do you need help with designing your website"? I figured it was a "sign from God" because I definitely needed help. I requested help and they gave me the top three who could help. I went through them but they just weren't right. They also gave more website designers, so I decided to go down the list. I came to BrightBox and saw that they have developed church websites. I figured this would work because my site is a Christian site. To make a long story short, I used BrightBox to update my website. Daute Evans, the owner of the company, was also a believer and was very helpful in getting my vision on the site. So, I praise God that He led me to another believer to assist me in redeveloping my website.

The second area of rain was my dryer. I live in a condominium and every year we need to get our dryer vent cleaned out. The HOA gave a company that they preferred for us to use. I contacted them and come to find out, my dryer vent did not vent to the outside. This was going to be a BIG job that would cost between $2,000 - $3,500. I was like, "Lord, please let it be more towards the $2,000 mark". Well, I had it done came to $2,100! Ain't God good!

The third are of rain was this past weekend in which my sister had got us tickets to a Broadway show. This show's tickets are VERY expensive. Those who lives in the northeast know that we was to get a big snowstorm and broadway shows go on even in the snowstorm. I tried to figure out what we should do. I tried to see if we could get the tickets exchanged for another date. Although it was tried, my sister would have to purchase the new tickets prior to the exchange. That was not an option. So, the only thing to do was to go. I'm praying that it doesn't snow that much and everyone else was talking about how bad it was going to be. I was getting a little "worried" because I didn't want my sister to lose her money from the unused tickets. When I would wake up, songs would come to me about trusting God and that He can handle things. So, I kept on trusting even when everyone around me was saying how bad it was going to be. Well, it did snow however it wasn't as bad as they had predicted in my area and the city's. So, my mother and I were able to go to the show. I praise God that even though I tried to handle things, He still was faithful and took care of it.

In conclusion, these rain situations, although they came to discourage me, ended up to be situations in which to give God praise. Have you had any rain situations? Did your ground produce vegetation of praise or thorns of discouragement? Think on this and either give God the praise or work on it. Have a blessed week!

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