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P.S.L. - Week 84 - Labor Day

Today is the day we in America celebrate Labor Day. It's a day in which many have cook outs, go to the beach, and/or have their last vacation. Others, it's a day of rest from the work they have been doing throughout the year. No matter what, it's a day most of us don't work. We cease from our laboring.

Labor Day was started because labor unions wanted recognition for the contributions they have made to this country. By them pressing, the President at that time made the first Monday in September a federal holiday. What we who take advantage of this holiday is to have a Labor Day, we should have "labored". We must or should have worked or have a job of some sort to rest from. There are some people who believe they don't need to work, but want the benefits of resting and receiving income from others. As believers, that shouldn't be named among us especially if we have the capacity to work. God has ordained work even before the fall of man. Genesis 2:15 shows that God placed man in the garden to tend and keep it. In other words, to work. Even God "worked" by creating the world and "rested" from the work He did (Genesis 2:1-3). Jesus also "worked" by doing the works He saw the Father do (John 10:25). Paul also worked as a tentmaker so he wouldn't be a burden on the church (Acts 18:3). So we see that God is not opposed to work and resting after work since He started it.

Today as we take our rest in any form that we do it, remember that tomorrow is a day of work. When we return to work, let us not just work for the company or person, let us work as unto the Lord! Have a blessed week!

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