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P.S.L.- Week 81 - Trust God!

There are areas in our lives in which it is easy to trust God. It's easy to trust God when you have a job and all of your bills are paid. It's easy to trust God when you are healthy and don't have any signs of illness. It's easy to trust God when you have a roof over your head. What happens when things don't go the way we think they should go? What happens when we lost our job or our income has decreased because of being on disability? What happens when we hear the devastating news that you have _____? What happens when the landlord decides to sell the house and you have to move by the end of the month? Do we still trust God?

If we are God's children, we know that He's a great Father. He will not let us go without. Somehow or another, our need will be met. It may not be in the way in which we think it should be met, but He will meet it. When we have a devastating diagnosis, know that God is a Healer. He can do it supernaturally or through medicine. Even if we physically don't survive it, we are still healed when we enter into eternity. When the landlord sells the house, God will provide a place to stay which could be another apartment, with family or in a shelter. We must realize that God knows all things and already have things lined up for us. We in turn need to go to Him and not rely on our own understanding.

It's very easy to lean to our own understanding. We begin to figure out ways to make sure we have enough money, food, etc.. I'm guilty of that. Despite all of my planning, I have to realize that if I don't have enough money, God will somehow provide what I need. I'm not saying it's wrong to plan ahead, but in the planning you and I must trust that God will use what we have, stretch it out, and provide what we need. I choose to trust God and let Him do it.

Will you also trust God? Whatever you are going through at this time, whether it's financial, emotional, spiritual, know that God knew ahead of time and already has it figured out for you. Today, this week, and the rest of your life's journey, trust God! Have a blessed week!

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