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P.S.L. - Week 79 - Are You Coming to the Party?

I'm sure we have all been invited to a party. It could have been a birthday party, retirement party, or a wedding. When invited, we usually receive an invitation. That invitation usually tells you the dress attire. Some are formal. black tie, casual, or decade (ie 70's or 80's). When we attend, we usually dress accordingly. If a person comes in a different attire, they're usually looked at and/or they feel either underdressed or overdressed.

God has invited us to His party. This party will happen at the end. Jesus had spoken of this party or banquet in a parable in Matthew 22:2 - 14 and Luke 14:16 - 24. In both cases, the person in charge had invited people to his banquet. Those he invited began making excuses. Those excuses appears legitimate however those reasons could have been done on another day. Since those he initially invited made excuses, he then invited others. Those came however there was still room so he invited others. In Matthew's version, when the Master came and saw a person without a wedding garment, he had him removed because he wasn't dressed appropriately. One may ask, "why was he thrown out". In God's wedding feast, the garment that we are to wear is His righteousness or His robe of righteousness. We can only attend His banquet with that garment. If someone tries to attend with a different garment such as "good works", "self righteousness", "money", they will be thrown out. The ONLY way to the wedding feast of the Lamb is through Jesus' blood and righteousness. Anything else will NOT do.

Just like an invitation we receive which tells us the dress attire, God has His own dress attire to His "party". If we want to attend His party, we MUST wear the garment of righteousness. Are you coming to His party? Do you want to come? Then you must repent of your sins, ask Jesus into your heart, and then live His Word out in your life. Hope to see you at His party! Have a blessed week!

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