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P.S.L. - Week 76 - Offerings and Sacrifices

I'm in the process of reading the Old Testament from the beginning. Presently, I'm in the Book of Leviticus. This is the Book in which the Law was given. It's the Book which discusses all the offerings and sacrifices a person needed to bring to the Priest. There were so many different kinds of offerings. There were the Sin offering, the Guilt offering, the Peace offering, the Wave offering and many more. With each of those offerings, a person was to bring a certain type of animal depending on what they could afford. Some were the bull, sheep or lamb, pigeon, or turtle doves. If a person couldn't afford those, they had to bring a Cereal offering of unleavened bread with oil. When bringing an animal, that animal had to be killed and their blood placed on the altar. Certain parts of their innards and flesh had to be burned in order to appease God. Most importantly, the animal had to be unblemished. There was so much to do in order to be forgiven of known and unknown sin.

However now, Jesus came to fulfill all of those offerings and sacrifices. Instead of bulls, sheeps, pigeons, turtle doves, or grain, Jesus' body was offered instead. Jesus' blood was spilled and put on the Altar that's in Heaven in order to forgive our sins. His body was beaten and killed in order to be an acceptable sacrifice. God has accepted Jesus' sacrifice as He was sinless and unblemished, and now ALL sin, known and unknown, are forgiven. However, we have to accept His sacrifice in order for it to be applied to us.

Just like the people during the Old Testament had to bring their sacrifices to the altar, we need to come to the Altar and accept the sacrifice already made for us. If we never come, then the blood of Jesus can't cover us. Thank God we don't have to bring animals or grain in order to be forgiven. We just need to ask and God will look at the Altar with Jesus' blood and will then forgive us. Have you accepted the sacrifice that Jesus made for you? If not, I pray that you will so that you can be forgiven. Have a blessed week!

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