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P.S.L. - Week 75 - Independence Day

Tomorrow we celebrate Independence Day as a country. This is our country's celebration and not the rest of the world's. There was a movie called, Independence Day, in which aliens came to the earth to destroy it. During the movie, each country came up with their own plan in how to combat the aliens, but it didn't work. It wasn't until a plan to infiltrate the alien's ship to download a virus which would make all the alien ships vulnerable to attack, that the entire world became as one. Every country waited for the infiltration and then simultaneously attacked and took down all the aliens warships. That day was the world's Independence Day. Well the enemy, Satan, has come to try to destroy the world and people in particular. We may have tried ways in which to combat him. But nothing seems to work. Then Jesus came and went into his camp and took away his power and authority over the people of the world. Now we can attack the enemy and gain victory over him. When each person, nation, etc, realizes what Jesus has done, then we will be free and have our Independence Day. Those who accepted what Christ has done is already free from Satan's power. However, there are those in the world who are still trying to fight him in their own strength. Some have even decided to join his camp thinking it's the best solution. The only way to get Independence from Satan, sin, etc., is to accept what Jesus did - died on the cross and rose from the dead, and be ready to stand and attack the enemy by believing and living according to the Word of God. Today and this week, month, and year, let us remember that the victory is already won! We have victory over our enemy, Satan, through the blood of Jesus Christ! He, the devil, can't win. Have a blessed week!

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