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P.S.L.- Week 74 - The Invitation

At some point in our lives, we have received or have sent out an invitation to a birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, or wedding. On the invitation, it has the date of the event, the time, the dress attire, and who it's for. The most important part of this invitation is the RSVP date. The recipient must respond prior to that date. If they don't, then they will forfeit their space at the event.

There are several types of people who responds to the invitation. There are the ones who when they receive the invitation, responds immediately. There's no doubt in their minds that they are going to the event. Then there are those who mull around in their heads whether or not they are going and then respond. Then there are those who receive the invitation, however don't open it until the last minute and then they respond. Then the last type are the people who see the invitation and doesn't respond at all.

The ones who send the invitations out, desires that all will attend their event. They may send out the initial invitation, then in a month, resend it out again. As the time of the RSVP draws near, they may send it out weekly hoping to get a response. When the date of the RSVP arrives, then they assume the person doesn't want to attend the event.

God has sent out an invitation to the entire world. The Invitation includes the place, the dress attire, and the reason for the event. His Invitation does not include the time for He is the Only One who knows it. The place of His event is in heaven. The dress code is the robe of righteousness which is given to all who receives Jesus Christ as Savior. The reason for His event is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. God wants ALL to attend. He sent out the invitation when Jesus died and was raised from the dead. He continues to send it out daily because He desires EVERYONE to attend. The RSVP is now! Why now? Because we don't know the day or the hour. So it's best to be ready.

Let us not be like the last person who received an invitation. That's the person who have seen and read the invitation, but decided not to respond. It will then be too late for that person. Let us be like the first three who no matter how long it takes, they respond before the RSVP. Have a blessed week!

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