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P.S.L. - Week 73 - Freedom Day

I posted this blog last year and feel it is fitting for today. Enjoy and God bless!

Here in the United States, we celebrate two freedom days. The one day that most Americans know about is July 4th. That was when the United States won its freedom from England and became independent. We became independent or free from the tierney of England. We celebrate our freedom with a lot of fanfare because we are excited for our independence. The second one was one in which we celebrated on June 19th and is a Federal Holiday today. That freedom day is what we call Juneteenth in which June and 19 are put together. That day was when the emancipation of slavery was proclaimed. That was the day when those who were in slavery learned that they were now free. They were free from the tierney of slavery. This day is also celebrated with fanfare. Both days are days of freedom and are showcased. There is also another freedom day that can be celebrated by anyone and anywhere. That was the day in which we became free from sin and death. That day was when Jesus died on the cross and rose again from the dead. When He rose from the dead, He won the victory over death, hell, and the grave. We as people can no longer be bound by the tierney of the Devil. We are now FREE! The problem is that not everyone know about it. Some may know but still feel in bondage because that's how it's been for so long. Those who do know and are living it, should tell others so they can know and be free. Just like with July 4th and Juneteenth, someone first found out about it and proceeded to tell others with joy. We need to tell others with the same kind of joy and fanfare. Today as we celebrate Juneteenth, and in a couple of weeks celebrate July 4th, let us celebrate our freedom from sin, death, and the grave by telling others of the freedom they can have in Jesus Christ. Have a blessed week!

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