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P.S.L. - Week 70 - Sacrifices

Today is what we call Memorial Day. This is the day in which we take the time to honor those who sacrificed their lives in battle in order for us to have freedom. It's a somber time for those who have lost loved ones to a war. It's a time of remembrance. It's also a celebratory time because of their sacrifices, we have our freedom. If there was no sacrifice, we would still be enslaved to the powers in whom we fought against. Even now, our country is in wars in which to help others gain their freedoms or to maintain peace. No matter what, someone has lost their life for others to have theirs.

There was Someone who also died and sacrificed His life in a "war". The name of the "war" is Sin and Death. Sin and Death have been reigning in this world since the fall of man. They have been controlling everyone and everything on this earth. The only Person who could win that war was Jesus. He came to this earth a sinless Man. Since He didn't have any sin, sin couldn't rule Him. He allowed Himself to die and to stay dead for three days. That way to show that He was truly dead and not just sleeping. After the third day, He conquered death by rising from it - alive! This war between us and sin and death, has been won and we now have our freedom.

Some people are unaware that this war has been won. They continue to live, and sin and death have rule over them. It is our job as believers to let people know that the war is won. The sacrifice has been made. Someone died in order that they can have their freedom. As we realize the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, it may be somber because He gave His life. However, we can celebrate because we have been made free from sin and death.

Today, as we celebrate Memorial Day, let us celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made for us. We are free because of Him. Have a blessed week!

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