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P.S.L. - Week 69 - Waging War

There's this song sung by CeCe Winans called, "Waging War". This song was very apparent to me this past weekend. The chorus of this song is:

I'm tired of principalities messing with me

I'm tired of the devil stealing from me

I promise he won't get one more thing

I'm taking it back, taking territory

I'm ready for battle, I'm ready to win

My weapon of power He live within

I can't be defeated, the enemy's gotta flee

I'm taking it back, taking territory

As I have written in one of my blogs earlier, I have a fear of mice. Mice have been entering into my home to seek shelter and food. I've of course have done things in order to prevent them from coming into my house. I've closed up holes and have set traps. Despite this, they somehow was still getting in. I got to the point where this song's chorus kicked in. I was getting very frustrated and angry that these creatures were somehow avoiding my attempts to keep them out. I prayed and asked God to show me what to do , because it was now war time. The Lord showed me, where the holes were at in which they were coming in. He told me what materials I should use to close any gaps that I have between appliances and vanities. Once I got that was on! I went to those areas in which the Lord had shown me, and there they were...holes or openings small enough that a mouse can get in. We (my roommate, her brother and myself) stuffed those holes and closed any gaps with some metal. I still set traps just in case we trapped some inside. The moral of this story is natural and spiritual.

The natural part is that God showed me where to look, I obeyed, and now I took back my house and peace of mind. The spiritual part is that we need to be like this with anything the enemy tries to do. He want to come into our "house" to destroy it. We have to get angry and mad enough to say, "enough is enough" to the devil. We to fight and use the weapons that God has given us. And when God reveals to us the area that needs fixing, we need to go and fix it. Once we do, we will have peace in our "house" which is our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Today, are we getting tired of the enemy messing with us? Are we getting tired of the enemy stealing from us? Then we need to use the weapons that God has given us and be ready to fight. Today, let us wage war against the enemy of our soul! Have a blessed week!

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