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P.S.L. - Week 67 - W.O.W.

There's a Bible TV series called "The Chosen" in which during the filming of season three, when the actors were asked about some of the scenes, they would respond, "WOW". It was their hidden message about what event in the Bible they were going to do. It was not until later, did we the viewers realized what the "WOW" was. The "WOW" stood for Walking on Water (see Matthew 14:24-32 for the event). All along, the Director said he wasn't going to do that event unless there was an emotional attachment to it. Well, there was an emotional attachment and that scene!

The emotional attachment had to do with Simon, the one who actually did the walking on water. During their conversation, Simon was questioning Jesus as to why he had to go through a certain trial. Simon felt that because He was in Jesus' inner circle, Jesus would and could have prevented the situation. Jesus, was telling Simon to keep his eyes on Him and don't look at what's going on. As long as Simon had his eyes on Jesus, he was walking on the water. It was not until he started looking at the waves, he began sinking. Jesus reached and grabbed him and raised him up. Simon began saying, "Don't let me go" over and over again. Of course, Jesus didn't even until when they got back into the boat. The emotions that Simon showed while holding onto Jesus, touched my heart and it seems everyone else's heart that have seen it.

We at times go through various trials that can break us. We feel that since we know Jesus, He could have prevented it. Then we get mad and upset with Him. When we finally confront Jesus, He tells us that these trials are to prove our faith and trust in Him. We just need to keep our eyes on Him. It's when we take our eyes off Him, we begin to sink. When we call out to Him, He's there to grab us and lift us up out of the situation. When He does, we need to grab hold of Him and never let Him go. Thank God He says He will never leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).

Whenever we go through any situation, let us remember to keep our eyes on Jesus through it. He will keep us afloat and we will "walk on water". We will WOW those who look at us and wonder how we stay afloat. Let us remember that Jesus has us and for us to not let go of Him. Have a blessed week!

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