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P.S.L. - Week 65 - Childlike Faith

Those who have been around children, they find that they tend to believe what you tell them. They're very concrete. If you say you're Superman, they believe you are. If you tell them there's Santa Claus, they believe he is real. It's not until when they grow up, they begin to realize that everything you told them may not be true. Then as they become adults, things get even more complicated. We as adults tend to make things complicated instead of taking things as they are. This also goes with believing God.

This past weekend, I saw a movie called, "I Believe". It was about a young boy who passed by a church, saw a statue of Jesus healing a blind man, read some words which said that "greater works than these you will do". That young boy began to believe in Jesus. He believed that if Jesus healed a blind man, then we can do the same things and even greater. In the meantime, his parents weren't believers and discouraged him to believe in Jesus. On top of that, his teacher also spoke about religious fanaticism. Despite the obstacles, he still believed. He even got himself a Bible even when his father told him not to. Well, he finally went inside of the church and there was a veteran in a wheelchair. The boy told him that he will pray that things go well with him and his wife and then left the church. After he left, the man's leg grew back. Another incident was when a woman was in the church crying because her baby was blind. He told her to go home and pray for her child. When she did, the baby regained her sight. This boy didn't want the credit because he said that it was God who did it. He simply believed what the Bible said that we can do what Jesus did and even greater.

Are we like this little boy? Do we simply believe what the Word of God says without complicating it? Do we believe that miracles can happen? Do we believe that God can save the worst of people? Do we believe that God can heal us and others? We may say we believe but do we act on it? These are questions for us to truly think of our faith in God. God desires childlike faith. Faith that just believe just because He said it. This week, let us develop our childlike faith so we do the things that God desires in this earth. Have a blessed week!

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