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P.S.L. - Week 63 - Death and Resurrection

This past week, we had observed Good Friday and Easter. There are some who believe that Jesus didn't die on Friday, but on either Wednesday or Thursday. No matter what day Jesus was crucified on, that Sunday morning or First Day of the Week, He rose from the dead. He was no longer dead and gain the victory over it. He has conquered death so that we don't have to experience it. You may say, "everyone at some point will die". You're right. Everyone has or will experience PHYSICAL death. However, Jesus came to deliver us from SPIRITUAL death. That's what happens once our spirits leave our physical bodies in death. Jesus died so that we don't have to experience spiritual death or separation from God for eternity. Praise God for His sacrifice for us!

The question is, have we died and rose from the dead? As believers, we are to die to ourselves daily. We need to kill those things in us that's not like Christ. When we do that, then we have "died". Once we have died to self and killed those things that's not like Christ, we can then be able to be raised up again. We can then live anew in Him and be "resurrected". Of course, in the future, there will be a resurrection of those who had died in Christ and those who are left on the earth. We will all be taken up to meet Christ in the air. Those who don't have Christ will die TWICE. They will die physically, then be resurrected to stand before God in judgement, then "die" again when He sends them to their final resting place which is the Lake of Fire.

Which death and resurrection would you like to be a part of? Just like the death of Jesus, it doesn't matter the day. We can die anytime physically and die to self daily. But which resurrection will you be a part of? The first, when Jesus comes to take all those who are His with Him out of this world, or when resurrected to stand before God in judgement. The choice is ours to make. Today, make the right choice! Have a blessed week!

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