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P.S.L. - Week 60 - Is Your Vision Clear?

About a year ago, I had a macular hole repair of my left eye. Prior to the surgery, my vision was distorted and wavy. Once I had the surgery, I still had vision issues. One of the problems with the surgery is that a person can develop cataracts and/or may not gain full vision. Well, those problems happened to me. I still had distorted vision and my vision was something like 20/400, I couldn't recognize that big "E" on the top of the vision chart. Of course, I was very discouraged. Then I developed cataracts because my vision was cloudy in both eyes. Well, I had the cataract surgery in my left eye. My vision is much brighter and clearer, however presently, I'm still having parts that are somewhat distorted.

So, how is our vision when it comes to Christ? Is our vision clear or distorted? Do we see Jesus as Who He is - the Son of God, or do we see Him as some prophet? When it comes to the Bible, do we see it as the inspired Word of God or do we see it as a fantasy book? Do we see the Bible as something we should live by and obey or not? Sometimes we may be clear in some areas when it comes to Jesus. However in other areas, we may be distorted and unsure. At those times, we need a "cataract surgery" to replace our "lens" so that we can see clearly of who Jesus is. The first "cataract surgery" is being clear of the fact that Jesus is the Way to the Father and that His Word is true. Once we see that, there may be other areas we need clarity in, however as time goes on, it will get clear.

So, is your vision clear? Or is it distorted when it comes to who Jesus is? Today, I pray that if your vision is distorted about Him, that you get a "cataract surgery" so that you will have a clear view of who He is. Have a blessed week!

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