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P.S.L. - Week 56 - Gate Theory

Gate Theory? You're probably wondering what I'm talking about. This a theory about the control of pain in our bodies. In simple terms, it the gate to the brain is opened, more pain messages get through. If the gate is closed, less pain messages get through. One way to close the gate is by presenting a different stimuli in which the brain then attends to which then closes the gate to the painful stimuli. This is what TENS machines do in therapy to help control pain.

Sometimes our own bodies do this. For example this week for me, I had a sinus cold. Normally I have back pain, sciatica, and occasional thumb pain. However during this week, none of those pains occured. My brain was focused on this sinus cold and "forgot" about the back pain and sciatica that I have been experiencing. Then when the sinus cold was getting better, I began experiencing those pains again but not as bad because I still had the sinus cold.

What about using this Gate Theory in our spiritual lives? You may ask "how"? We all may experience various trials in our lives that get our attention. We tend to focus on them to the point that it's affecting our minds and hearts with worry. Why not introduce God into the situation. Why not put our focus on Him. When we do, then the other worries or anxieties about the situation will not affect us. Our focus on God and His Word will "close the gate" on our worries and anxieties. Once we lose our focus on God, those worries and anxieties will return.

So, Gate Theory? Yes, it can be used in our spiritual and natural lives. We must decide which stimulus we allow to open the gate. We should allow the gate to open to God and His ways and close the gate to anything that's against His ways like worry and anxiety. This week let's put this theory into practice. Have a blessed week!

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