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P.S.L. - Week 55 - Proof

There are people who don't believe the Bible. They feel that it's full of "fairy tales". They believe there's no proof in the world that lines up with it. Or, they try to disprove some of the miracles that has happened in the Bible. I remember when I was in college, one Professor said the only "miracle" that doesn't have a scientific reason is when Jesus turned the water into wine. As for the Red Sea crossing, he felt they crossed over something like a marsh or lake. The only thing about that theory is that if it was true, then it would be a miracle that the armies of Pharaoh drowned in the marsh or lake.

Some people feel that there's no proof of the Red Sea crossing. The problem is they are looking at the wrong sea or mountain. When so called science puts Mount Sinai in the Sinai Peninsula, of course there will be no proof. However, when you read the account in the Bible, when Moses received the directive from God, He was in Midian which is in Saudi Arabia (Exodus 3). There have been people (Ron Wyatt and Patterns of Evidence) who have discovered a mountain in Saudi Arabia which has a blackened top which appeared that it was burned with fire. In the Bible, when Moses was on the mountain with God, God came down in fire and smoke (Exodus 19:18). People have also found a possible site of the Red Sea Crossing from Egypt. The possible place was the Gulf of Aqaba. The interesting part is when the looked at the topographical view, there was a flattened part or ridge in. which people could walk across "if the water was divided". Also, scuba divers have found coral in the shape of wheels that existed during that time. When using that sea and following the path Moses and the Israelites took in the Bible, they began finding what Moses wrote about. They say the palm trees, the rock that was split to give water, and remains of altars that were made.

God's Word is true. Since there is proof of the Exodus in the Earth, it shows that God's Word is true. We must decide if we want to believe it or not. True science will always prove what the Bible says. If you want to look up more archeological proof of events in the Bible, look up Ron Wyatt and/or Patterns of Evidence. Have a blessed week!

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