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P.S.L. - Week 54 - The Gift Part Two

There may be times in which we receive a gift we felt wasn't important. When we received it, we may have thanked the person however when we got home, we placed in on a shelf in our closet. We then may forget about it or later "re gift" to others or give it to Goodwill. The person giving us the gift felt that it was a great gift ond one of importance. They may have felt it was something that we needed however we couldn't see it.

There was a book and was later made into a movie called, "The Pilgrim's Progress". The main character was named Christian and he was eventually given a scroll in which he had to have in order to enter into the celestial city. Along the way, he met other characters such as Faithful, Hopeful, Despondent, Mr. Legality, Good Works, and others. These characters either tried to help him along his path to the celestial city or tried to hinder him. The main focus was to get to the celestial city with the scroll. Without the scroll, he couldn't enter in.

God has given us a Gift. His Gift was Jesus. He has given Him to everyone on this earth. In order to enter into the celestial city or heaven, one must have this Gift with them just like the scroll. If one doesn't have the Gift, they can't enter heaven and is sent away. Some people know about this Gift however they let Mr. Legality or Good Works tell them they can get into the celestial city by following them. Don't let us let legality or good works deter us from receiving the Gift. We MUST have the Gift of Jesus Christ to enter in. Nothing or no one else can help us get in. Not doing good works or being legalistic, it's only by God's Gift of Jesus and His grace and mercy. Today, if you have received the Gift, make sure you hold onto it/Him and don't lose it. If you haven't received the Gift, do it today as you never know when you will stand at the gate of heaven and the Gatekeeper asks, "Where's your Gift"? Have a blessed week!

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