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P.S.L. - Week 51 - The God of Impartiality and Justice

Today, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's Day. This is a day in which we honor a man who stood for racial equality and justice for ALL mankind. Dr. King stood against prejudice and equal rights for those who were considered "less than". Unfortunately, during those times and even today, those who call themselves Christians, continues to practice prejudice against those who are not like them. Of course it's wrong and TOTALLY against the Word of God.

God is a God of impartiality. He loves His creation. He loved us so much that He came to this earth to live as a man, die, and then rise again for our sins. One of the sins He died for was racial or ethnic prejudice. As believers, we are to be like Christ and love our fellow man no matter the color of their skin or state in life. James 2:1 - 10 talks about Christians to not show partiality. It also states that when we show partiality, it is a sin.

God is also a God of justice. There are several verses which shows that He is just that. Examples are: Deuteronomy 32:4 and Psalm 89:14. Since God is just, we also need to be concerned about justice. Bible verses which show this are: Psalm 82:3, 4; Isaiah 1:17 and Micah 6:8. As believers, when we see injustice done to others, we shouldn't turn a blind eye but speak out - just like Dr. King did.

We serve a God of impartiality and justice. As believers, we need to be just like Him. We need to show impartiality and speak up when we see injustice done to others. If we continue to show prejudice and participate in injustices, we sin. So today and the rest of this week, let us be like our Father God and show impartiality and justice. Have a blessed week!

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