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P.S.L. - Week 50 - Desperate

Have you ever been desperate for something? I'm sure you have. There are many instances in which we can be desperate. For example, if we were to hold our breath for an extended period of time, we will become desperate for air. If we have to go to the bathroom and there's no toilet available, we become very desperate to find a working toilet. If we have a physical injury or disease, we are desperate to get healing. The list can go on and on. We are desperate for something or someone at some point in our lives.

Suppose you had a child that was at the point of death and you heard of Someone who could heal them? What if, women, you had you menstruation which lasted for 12 years! In both cases, these people were desperate. This happened in the Bible in Mark 5:22 - 43 and in Matthew 9:18 - 25. Both of these people recognized their desperation for Jesus. They recognized that despite the doctors, Jesus was their last and only Hope. Jairus' daughter was at the point of death and he went to find Jesus. Jesus came with him and was interrupted by the "woman with the issue of blood". This woman was also desperate. She had this issue which meant she was an outcast as she was considered unclean. In her desperation, she reached through the crowd and touched Jesus' garment and was made whole. This "delay" made Jairus more desperate as now his daughter died. Despite the report, Jesus went and raised his daughter up from the dead.

A lot of times we read these events in the Bible and don't realize how much we are like them. We each have desperate situations in our lives. It could be a child or loved one illness. It could be our own illness. It could be a financial issue. It could be any issue. We may have tried everything and everyone else. However, the only Person who can truly help us is Jesus. No matter how desperate our situation is, let us realize that Jesus is the One who can help us. Let us today and everyday go to Him in our desperation and even when we're not. Have a blessed week!

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