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P.S.L. - Week 48 - The Gift

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas We all received gifts that we either wanted or not. However, I'm sure there was that one gift which was The Gift. This gift was something we truly desired. When we received this gift, we were very excited and hopefully thankful to the person who gave it to us. In the midst of all the gifts we received, there was another Gift that was given. Some of us opened it and others have left it unwrapped.

This gift was given by God Himself. This Gift was the gift of His Son. We know that Jesus wasn't necessarily born on December 25th. However, it's day this world honors the fact that He was born. Most of us recognized this Gift and was very excited to receive it. We opened it and cherished it with all of our hearts. This Gift however comes with a stipulation. We must receive it and give our lives for it. We must live our lives worthy of the Gift. Some people have seen the Gift however didn't want to open it or receive it. They may feel that it's a gift that is not needed. The only thing is when we all get to stand before God, we have to have this Gift in us. If not, we will not enter into the Kingdom of God.

So, have you seen this Gift? Have you received this Gift? Are you living for this Gift? Out of the gifts we could have received, this is the most important of them all. I pray that all who reads this blog have received this Gift - Jesus Christ. Have a blessed week!

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