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P.S.L - Week 47 - Last minute

Today marks the beginning of what they call, "last minute shopping". This is when people wait until the last minute to buy their gifts. Some people have excuses such as; working and not having time to shop, illness and not being able to get to the stores, etc.. Then there are those who feel you get the best deals when you wait until the last minute. Personally, I feel waiting to the last minute creates a lot of stress. Especially if what you're thinking of buying is out of stock. No matter what, there are people who do their shopping early so they can relax and then there are those who wait until the last minute.

There is one thing or decision a person shouldn't wait until the "last minute". That decision is to accept Christ. There are those who have accepted the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for their sins, so they can "relax" per se. Then there are others who feel they still have time and will do it later. But, how many of us know when our last day on earth will be? No one knows the day or the hour of when they will draw their last breath. Suppose a person dies before they actually accepted Christ's sacrifice for them? Unfortunately after a person dies, there's no more chances to accept Christ's sacrifice. And unfortunately, that person will have to pay the sacrifice themself for their sin which is hell.

God has made a way of escape for us all. Jesus was the sacrifice and His sacrifice cover us. This decision can be made now or on your deathbed. However, we never know when our "deathbed" will come. If you haven't accepted Christ's sacrifice, I urge you to do it today. Don't wait until the "Last Minute" or it may be too late. Have a blessed week!

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