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P.S.L. - Week 46 - The Perfect Gift

I'm sure most of us are out and about looking for that perfect gift for a loved one. Some of us searched on-line sales, others went to the stores searching. How do we know we're getting the "perfect" gift for the person?

One of the ways is by listening and observing what the person says or do. They may "hint" in saying, "I would love to have such and such" or "I could really use this or that". When we get the "hint", then we know that we're getting them the gift they desire. Sometimes, the person comes right out and tells us, "I want such and such", so there's no debating about what to get them. Some people say, "Don't get me anything", but we all know that they do want something so we have to figure something out. Sometimes, the person desires something extravagant that we can't afford and we have to figure out what would be the next best "perfect" gift.

There's a "Perfect Gift" that EVERY person on this planet needs. This Gift, some people may feel is not needed, or they just don't want it. That Gift was and is Jesus Christ. God gave Jesus for us so that we don't have to die in our sins. We ALL sin and fall short of His glory (Romans 3:23). No one is perfect therefore no one will be able to enter into God's glory. However God loved us so much that He gave us Jesus Who died for our sins so that we can enter into God's glory. God made this Gift available to every person but it's up to us to accept it.

Have you received this "Perfect Gift"? When we do receive it, then when we stand before God, we can hand it over to Him. This is the ONLY gift that He will receive when we stand before Him. He will NOT receive any gifts of "good works", "going to church and becoming a member", "being a Pastor or Officer in the church", or being religious. All of those gifts will burn up and not be accepted. So today, if you haven't already, receive the Perfect Gift which is Jesus Christ. Have a blessed week!

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