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P.S.L. - Week 45 - Beware of Scams

As we enter this holiday season, we must also be aware of scam artists. It's during this time that people tend to take advantage of people's needs and desires. These types of people tend to prey on the elderly and vulnerable. And if we're not vigilant, we will also get scammed.

So how does one gets scammed? First they get pulled in by a price or deal that seems to be too good to be true and fall for it. Second, they get pulled in because they think a loved one is in trouble. Either way, the person getting scammed didn't do their research. When there's a deal that seems to be too good, the person should research it out. For example, check the website and/or look for reviews. When a person is told their loved one is in trouble, they should check it out by calling someone to make sure before sending any money.

So who's the author of these scams? We can say the person putting the deal together or the caller. Ultimately, the author of these scams is Satan. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. In order for us to combat him, we need to submit our will and finances to Jesus. We need to ask God before delving into the deal or before sending money. We must also remember that God is our Provider and Protector. When we desire something, let us ask Him and He will guide us to where to purchase it or even better have someone bless us with it. When it comes to prank calls, lets ask the person if they know Jesus. Most likely they will hang up.

As we continue through this holiday season, let us be vigilant and submit to God and the Enemy will have to flee. Have a blessed week!

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