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P.S.L. - Week 44 - Black Friday

Thanksgiving Day came and went. We all ate various food and maybe too much of it. Now it's Friday. This is the day most retailers call Black Friday. Retailers offer items at a discounted rate. At times in order to get these deals, one has to be at the store three or four o'clock in the morning. Retailers are hoping people buy and buy hoping they will end up in the black - hence Black Friday. I don't know about you, but I did most of my Christmas shopping online in order to get these deals. Although it's called Black Friday, it ends up being "good" for us and the retailer.

There was another day that was a "Black Friday" however we call it Good Friday. That Friday was the day in which Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. It was the day in which all of our sins were placed on Jesus' shoulders. It was the day in which the Father turned His back on Jesus because Jesus was sin. It was indeed a Black Friday. Although it was 'black' it was good. It was good for us because we no longer have to carry our sins. It was good for us because by accepting what Jesus did on the cross, it allows us forgiveness of sin and entry into the Kingdom of God. It was good for us because now God accepts us as our sins have been erased. That Black Friday was a Good Friday for us.

Just like for retailers hoping for everyone to participate in the sales, God wants everyone to participate in the acceptance of the sacrifice Jesus made. Of course we have the option to do what we want. As for shopping, we can decide not to spend any money and there will be no consequence for us. However with Jesus, we can decide to not accept Him but the consequence for us will be eternal separation from God. God has given a choice. We must decide if we want to participate in this Black Friday by accepting the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Prayerfully, if you haven't , you will. Have a blessed week!

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