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P.S.L. - Week 42 - Are You Following the Laws?

The past two weeks, I have been doing this online Bible Study on prayer led by Chrystal Hurst. The study deals with the postures of prayer. The one that ministered to me is the posture of repentance. As believers we know that when we sin, we can go to God for forgiveness. When we go to God for forgiveness, it means that we are going to do an about face and walk in the opposite direction. A lot of times, we can become sort of "flippant" when it comes to repentance. Sometimes we ask for forgiveness BEFORE we sin which really isn't repentance because we are doing the thing we want to be forgiven for - we haven't turned in the opposite direction. Sometimes when we think of sin, we think of the "big" sins like fornication, murder, lying, gossiping, etc. What about keeping the laws of the land? What about - keeping the highway or driving laws?

A couple of weeks ago, my Pastor said near the end of his message, "You need to start driving the speed limit and stop speeding. I don't know who it's for, but you need to do it". Of course the majority of us tend to speed or "run the yellow light" (don't laugh ma). So, I knew it was for me but not "just me". Well during this aforementioned online Bible study about repentance, what my Pastor said came to me. I'm like, "Oh Lord, that's going to be hard". But how many people know that what God asks you to do at times or most of the time is hard. Well, because God loves obedience more than sacrifice, I decided to be obedient to my driving speed. Now of course I'm not perfect, but I'm going in that direction. Thank God for His mercy. I believe He sees my heart in trying to not speed and run "yellow lights".

What about you? As believers we know we should follow the Word of God. But what about the laws of the land? As believers we are to follow the laws AS LONG AS they don't contradict the Word of God. That means the speed limit, "no turn on red", and the traffic lights. Of course this may be a learning curve, but remember, God sees our hearts and that we're going in the right direction. Have a blessed week!

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