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P.S.L. - Week 40 - Key or Keys?

I'm sure everyone know what a key is. We use them to enter our homes, cars, or anything that is locked. For each lock, there is one key that opens it. Of course someone can make a copy of that key so that others can open whatever is locked. Supposed I try to use my key to open your lock? It wouldn't work. It doesn't matter how much I believe or say that my key can get me into your house. What if everyone decides that their key will work in your door just because they believe it? And when you tell them their key will not work, they will say you're wrong or are narrow minded. Eventually, at the end when they try their key into your door, it doesn't work and they will be locked out.

This is the same with heaven. God says the only Key that will get people in is accepting Jesus Christ as one's Lord and Savior. Jesus is the Key. Now others have their own key that they feel will get them into heaven. They have the key of 'good works', saying, "I'm a good person so I can get in". Then there's the key of religion in which people say, "All religions will lead to God and heaven". When you tell people that according to the Bible, the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus Christ, they will think of you being narrow minded or wrong. It's not until the end of one's life will they realize if their key will work. if a person does not have the Key of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for their sins in their life, they will not enter into heaven.

So what key do you have? What key are you using or believing will get you into heaven? Is it the key of 'good works', or 'religion'? Or is it the Key of Jesus Christ? Don't wait until the end to realize that your key doesn't work. Put your trust in Jesus Christ today before it's too late. Have a blessed week!

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