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P.S.L. - Week 31 - Let Go and Cast the Rod

I haven't gone fishing but I have seen people on TV do it. One of the things they do is cast the rod out into the water in order for the fish to get to the bait. Once the person throws it out, they wait until they feel a bite from the fish. Once they do, they begin to reel it in. Sometimes they can reel it easily, and other times it's a struggle but eventually they get the fish. So...what does this have to do with our faith in Jesus?

One way is that Jesus tells us to cast our cares on Him (1 Peter 5:7). Just like the fisherman who casts their rod and sit back, we need to cast ALL of our cares on Jesus. Sitting back doesn't mean reeling the rod back in to check on it. It doesn't mean we pace up and down wondering if Jesus has the care. No, we just lay back and relax because our cares are in capable hands. A second way is when a fisherman casts their rod, they don't hold back or keep it close to them. They throw it far away from them in hopes of attracting more fish. When we "cast" our cares on Jesus, it doesn't mean we keep it close to us so we can put our hand in it. It means we actually throw it to Him so it can attract Him to the situation. Thirdly, just as when the fish bites the bait and the fisherman begins to reel it in, when we see that Jesus has it, we "reel in" praise and thanksgiving. Sometimes, giving praise and thanksgiving can be easy or it can be a struggle. Despite the struggle, we continue to "reel in" the praise.

What situation you and I are going through that we are worried or anxious about? That situation can't change until we cast it over to Jesus. When we do, we shouldn't try to "reel' it back before time. We can "reel in" praise and thanksgiving until we get the answer to the situation on the boat with us. By worrying about anything, it doesn't help the situation. It doesn't add anything but it does subtract. It subtracts our peace, joy, hope, etc. Do we want peace? Do we want to be free from worrying? Then we must fully "cast our rod" of worry to Jesus, then sit back and relax, and wait for the answer to come. In the meantime, let us continue to give Him praise and thanksgiving for the answer. Have a blessed week!

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