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P.S.L. - Week 18 - How Much Are You Watering?

As with any plant or seed, its survival is dependent on how we water it. For a plant or seed to grow, it needs water and fertilizer. If a plant doesn't get enough water, it will die. If a plant gets too much water, it can also die. Last week, I spoke about a plant was given to me because I spoke of the fact that I wasn't good with taking care of plants. Knowing that the plant was given to me as a challenge, I really wanted to have this plant grow. I began watering it, and watering it, and watering it. I watered it so much because I didn't want it to dry out and die. However, by over watering it, the leaves began to brown and fall off. I was then told that I did indeed overwater it, yet there was a little life of a green leaf coming out. Now, I just needed to let it dry out before watering it again.

Just like a plant or seed dying because it wasn't watered or was watered too much, we can do the same when we minister to others. We can be the type who doesn't water. That's when we're quiet about our faith or don't share the Word with others. The person may know we are Christians but can't tell because we don't live it before them or speak about it. Therefore, the seed of the Word the person may have will die out. We can also be the type that overwater. This is when we badger people with the Word of God to the point they don't want to hear it anymore. As believers, we need to water the seed in people's heart with just the right amount of water. When we do, they will grow and flourish.

As we go through this week, let us observe how we are watering. Let us. not water too much or not enough. Let us water the seed in people's life so they can grow. Have a blessed week.

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