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P.S.L. - Week 14 - Did You Get that "Feeling"?

Last week you read about the incident at my house with the leak. I don't know about you, but when I look back on things, I somehow had a "feeling" it would happen. What do I mean about that? What I mean is at times we sort of get an inkling about it or Someone inside was letting us know something is about to happen. Well...that's what happened. It wasn't that I totally ignored it, but I made an excuse about it.

About a week before the leak, I was hearing what I thought was water running through the pipes of the bathroom wall. When a person takes a shower or flushes the toilet, I hear the water running. So initially that was what I thought was happening. But then, I kept on hearing the water. It was running regularly. I was thinking, "What is he doing up there to have the water running so much"? At that point, "visions" of a water leak was coming to my mind. I started looking around my bathroom to see if there was any water leaking but there wasn't any. A "thought" came to my mind to go upstairs to ask about the running water. I decided, (my excuse), that I'll ask once I see him outside. I didn't want to go upstairs to ask. Because I waited, my 'vision' of the leak came to pass. God will warn us, but we need to listen.

Come to find out during the incident, he reported that his toilet was always running and overflowing. Maybe if I had went up there at the time of my 'vision' or 'feeling' I would have seen it and encourage him to contact the owner and not let it get any worse. As we know a little water can turn into something major. All in all, we need to be sensitive to the 'feeling' we get when something isn't right. That could be the Holy Spirit warning us either to do or not do something. We need to be sensitive to His leading and guidance. When we are, we can probably avoid some of the problems we have today. This week, when we get that 'feeling', let us listen to Him. Have a blessed week!

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