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P.S.L. - Week 119 - Are You Fixed?

This is a repost from October 2022. After a year and a half, my thumb is still stable. I have more strength when doing my job as a Hand Therapist. We can also remain stable in the Lord as long as we walk close to Him. Enjoy!

I had surgery on my left thumb approximately a month ago. The type of surgery I had was a joint fusion at the middle joint. The purpose of the surgery is to fix or stabilize my thumb joint so it doesn't move. Prior to the surgery, my thumb joint was subluxed or out of joint. It has been like that for at least ten years. Over the years, the subluxation has gotten worse. Despite it being subluxed, I was still able to work however as the years went on, my thumb got weaker and weaker. I knew I needed to have surgery to fix it however the timing wasn't right. One year I had bunion surgery, the next year they had to remove the plate and pin as it began coming out. Another year I had a fracture in my foot, then I had a sprain in the other foot. Then as the years went by, I had a tumor on my kidney that needed to be removed. Lastly, I had eye surgery. So, something always came up. Then when I was thinking about it, my co-worker took maternity leave so both of us couldn't be off. So here I am now with the surgery that will prayerfully take four months to recover. As the months go by, the joint will become more stabilized until it's totally fused - unmovable and strong. So how does this relate to our relationship with God?

At the beginning of our walk with God, we may be unstable. We're wrestling strongly against the flesh and doing the things of the Spirit. We're with God one day, however the next, our flesh is the predominant person. We know we need to have our hearts fixed on the things of God, but then we let life, people, or circumstances dictate to us as to when we will totally be surrendered to God. It's not until we make a decision and our hearts are surgically fixed that we begin to walk according to the ways of God. As we are walking, our hearts begin to be fixed and eventually "fused" in the things of God. When our hearts are fixed or fused, there's nothing that anyone or anything can do that can change our minds. So today, as we look over our lives, can we say that our faith is fixed and fused? Or is there still some instability in there? Have a blessed week!

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