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P.S.L. - Week 118 - How Are You Walking?

This is a repost from October 2022. Let this remind us of the way we walk with God. Enjoy!

The last couple of weeks, we were discussing the fruit of the Spirit. Prayerfully we are beginning to exhibit those pieces of the fruit. One thing we must realize in order to experience those pieces, we must walk with the Spirit. The question now is, "How are we walking"?

I'm sure we all have been for a walk. There's the slow, leisurely walk, there's a brisk walk, and then there's the speed walk. Sometimes the walk can turn into a run. The Holy Spirit can decide what type of walk He wants to do. The thing is we need to keep in step with Him. If He decides to walk leisurely, we must walk in step with Him. We can't decide to do a speed walk with Him. Why? Because then we're not walking with Him and not prepared for what He has for us. He's not going to change the way He's walking. Say for example the Lord spoke to you saying, "You're going to be promoted". The Holy Spirit is having you walk in the direction of promotion. He may have you take certain courses or learn various things to prepare you - walking leisurely. However, you may think you should be promoted next week - speed walking. Then you wonder why it hasn't happened. The goal in our lives is to walk in step with the Holy Spirit not ahead of Him. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit starts out leisurely walking then begin doing a speed walk. We need to still keep in step with Him. Using the same example as above, He has you prepare for being promoted and then tell you to go into the Supervisor's office to ask for it without you even thinking about it. He just did a "speed walk" on you.

All in all, as believers, we need to walk with the Holy Spirit however way He walks. We must be prepared when He decides to do a "speed walk" and not lag behind Him. If we do, we will miss the opportunity He has for us. Are we walking with the Spirit today, this week, this year? Prayerfully we are. Have a blessed week!

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