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P.S.L. - Week 107 - Are You a Witness?

This is a repost from July 2022. How do you answer this question? Is it "yes" or "no"? The answer is by our lifestyles. Does it glorify God or not? Think on that and enjoy reading.

What is a witness? When we look at crime/lawyer shows, we see a witness who takes the stand. What does that person do? They tell the court what they saw and heard. They don't go into their interpretations or even force others to believe it. They just tell their personal testimony. When on the witness stand, that person is usually cross examined by either the Prosecutor or Defense in hopes to discover some cracks in their testimony. Sometimes in order to be used as a witness, the Prosecutor or Defense Attorneys usually don't want to use someone who has a criminal past or their life doesn't match up. Because when they do, that part always comes up in hopes to discredit the person. All in all, a witness just tells what they saw and heard and that's it.

In Acts chapter 1, Jesus tells us that we are witnesses. We are to personally testify to what we saw and heard in Christ. We are to tell others what Jesus has done in our lives. When we do, no one can dispute it because it's what we have experienced. Of course in order for our testimony to stand, our lives should also corroborate what we say. If we say one thing and our lives show something opposite, we will be discredited by those who hear us. Our testimony can be just one of many testimonies that a person hears. It could also be the one that "wins the case" and the person gives their hearts to God. Only the Holy Spirit knows what to do with our testimony.

Where can we be a witness? Everywhere we go! We can be witnesses at home, on our jobs, in our schools, in the supermarket, or wherever we go. When asked of the hope we have, we can just tell of what God has done in our lives. Now, us telling others doesn't mean we force them to believe the way we do. We're not called to prosecute others for not believing in Christ. Our job is to just tell of our personal experience and let the Holy Spirit do His job. However, if the Holy Spirit directs us to say something, we need to obey and leave the consequences to Him. As we go about our week, let us be a witness of what Jesus has done for us. No one can dispute that! Have a blessed week.

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