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P.S.L - Week 10 - Step-by-Step

I took a week off to give a praise testimony about an answered prayer. That answer showed me the faithfulness of God. This week, I will discuss my issue with returning to driving after the eye surgery. This process so relates to our walk spiritually.

The first day that I ventured out to drive, I was somewhat nervous. I decided to drive a short distance to Target and the Dollar Store. I was so glad that I made it back home because it was scary. The next day, I ventured out to GoodWill and Staples. Those stores were a little further. I was a little more comfortable. The next, I went to the supermarket. This was a little more challenging because I had to deal with parking. I purposefully tried to park where there was a big opening so I could just drive in the spot. I then figured, when I go to work, I have to park in an underground garage and the spots were very tight. So I decided to go to the mall's underground parking to practice. I was able to do it, but it was very unnerving because I didn't want to hit someone else's car. The next day, I drove to a doctor's appointment near my job and to the Bronx to go out with my mother. By this time, I was comfortable driving on the highway, but it was unnerving with people driving in/out, cutting you off, etc.. Despite that, I made it back home. Now, I'm back to work. I'm able to park but it's still a challenge. I purposefully back into a spot because I have the rear view camera to help. Parking is my challenge and something that I have to work on until my vision is back.

How does this relate to us spiritually? When we first come to the Lord or step out to do something that He leads us to do, we may start gingerly. We sort of test the waters and don't go too far. When we feel a little more comfortable with our walk with Christ, we may venture out deeper and start obeying more of the Word of God. We then get comfortable and feel we have a handle on this life. But, there's always that one area that challenges us. It could be we gossip, have anger issues, participate in immoral activities, etc. Those are our "parking issues" - the things we need to continue to work on with the help of God to get through it. At times we may feel we have handled it by "backing into the spot", but we haven't handled it "head on". This week, let us practice handling our "parking" issues head on by giving it to God and letting Him show us how to handle it. Have a blessed week!

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