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Welcome to my first blog! I must say that this is a “step out of the boat for me”. I guess I should let you know a little about myself, so that you can understand where I come from when writing future blogs.

If you have read my bio in any of my books, you pretty much know my general spiritual life. I came to the Lord when I was fifteen. I attended a Brethren in Christ Church, until I went to college. While at college, I attended an Assembly of God church. I also attended an Assembly of God church when I returned home. I eventually changed churches and attended; Redeeming Love Christian Center, Christ Sent Ministries, and presently Christ Centered Ministries. You may think, “she has gone to too many churches”. I agree, but each church was what I need at the time. Presently, I participate in three ministries in my church. I lead the Hands in Praise ministry which is a sign language ministry; I also work in the audio ministry and offering ministry. Okay, that’s my spiritual life.

How did I come about writing these three books? When I was attending Christ Sent Ministries, I also led a sign language ministry. While leading, I went through the Strong’s Concordance to find all the words that means praise and worship and then developed a booklet. At another time, I was doing a study in the book of Proverbs as my daily devotional. It was then I felt the Lord prompting me to make it into a book. In fact, the Lord prompted me to write three books. I had contacted a self-publishing company and they wanted me to send in a manuscript. At the time, I wasn’t finished with the Proverbs book, so I sent in the booklet about praise and worship. Once I finished the Proverbs study, I then sent that one in for publishing. The third book took one year as it was my devotions and then decided to publish it on my own. That’s how I became an author.

As for my work life, I am a Certified Hand Therapist, a specialty of Occupational Therapy. I’ve been working as an Occupational Therapist since 1987. I presently work in a hospital-based outpatient department in which I see patients with various hand or upper extremity injuries.

As for my “regular” life, I am single, an introvert, love cats (presently don’t have any – I’m allergic), love listening to Gospel music, going on cruises (especially gospel ones), completing puzzles, bowling, decorating, and playing computer games (to help with keeping my brain sharp). I also enjoy fellowshipping with my friends and family. I have been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE for short. I was diagnosed in 1986 when I was in school for Occupational Therapy. SLE is an autoimmune disease which can attack various organs or systems in your body. It can affect the joints, muscles, blood vessels, heart, lungs, brain, kidney, liver, and anything else it wants. The symptoms I initially had were joint pains and fatigue. Since 1985, it has also affected my heart, lungs, brain, and GI system. Despite this, I’m doing well and don’t look like what I have been through. I have good days and bad days, but through it all I continue to give God the praise.

Well, this is my life. My goal with this blog is to share what God has done or is doing in my life. Prayerfully, it will inspire you, encourage you to walk this Christian life with joy. If you have any questions or comments, please comment below.

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